Bed Posts

Hi everyone! Glad you stopped by! We won’t waste any time. We know why we are here…

I lie here in my bed still wide awake, smiling to myself. Man, we sure had fun during spring break that year. My it seems like it was just yesterday. When we passed out drunk that Friday night, we didn’t have a care in the world. Just friends having a great time. It was nice of that guy to try and sober me up. It dawned on me why he gave me a Coke with fruit because I had already drunk enough. My tolerance for alcohol was low at the time. I remember waking up the next morning and checking the back pocket for the napkin he had given me. The girls were still asleep, so I just stepped over them, shoes, our luggage and other crap we had lying in the floor. I went in the bathroom and saw the little shop of horrors in the mirror. My cheap eyeliner and mascara had smeared, and my hair looked like crows had been dancing in it. If there was such a thing as the remake of Beetlejuice, I could have been the runner up for the starring role with this look.

Making my way to the toilet, I find the napkin with the Club Atlantis logo on it. It read, “I had a great time getting to know you Sable with the green eyes. Call me tomorrow if you want to have a wonderful time. Kidman Blake.” I giggled to myself at his name. So, did he say Kidman last night and I did not hear him clearly over the music? Or does he truly go by Kid which could be short for Kidman? What kind of name is Kidman, anyway? Well it does have a ring to it, I guess. I will call him later. I see the number is at the bottom of the napkin. I brush my teeth and shower and wash my matted hair. I step out wrapped in nothing but a towel on my head and one around my body just barely covering my boobs. The girls wake up and we talk about the night before. They are gassed up about the agenda for the day. They decided to bathe together while I used the hotel phone to call Kidman. It’s amazing how times have changed. We did not have cells phones at our disposal like we do now. I see he is staying at the Dunbar Condominiums down the strip from our hotel. Hell, we thought we were balling out of control in our one-bedroom king suite here at the Hilton. It must be nice to be able to afford a condo. I did notice the nice herringbone chain and bracelet he had on last night. This dude must be loaded.

At any rate, I dial the number and a familiar voice picks up. I tell him it’s me and he seems genuinely excited that I called. We do a little small talk as he is also from Alabama but it’s a different town a few hours from where I am from. He asked if I would be comfortable getting away from my friends for a few hours tonight and get to know one another. For some crazy reason I said yes. He just makes me feel so comfy. Besides he’s a good old Bama boy so he knows what southern hospitality entails. I remember telling the girls that I had a “date” as they told me that I was a fool and should be partying with them and not try and cozy up with some dude I just met…no matter how fine he was. I just chopped their remarks up to be jealousy and kept it moving. The hours flew by as we ate, shopped and took pictures with my Kodak Point and Shoot camera. Getting back to the room, we saw the phone on the night stand flashing. There was a message from Kidman stating that he would meet me in the lobby of my hotel at eight. My girls wished me luck as they got ready to hit the strip for more drinks and partying.

I pick out a nice sundress that ties around my neck. The back is out and it cuts all the way down to my butt. It is light blue with yellow flowers and I have the sandals to match.  The humidity and the salt from the water does a number on my hair so I decide to put it up in a cute up do with a wispy bang. I spray on a soft fragrance all over my body and do one more quick look over before I make way to the lobby. It’s 7:55 p.m. The elevator dings and the door opens to the lobby floor finally. It seemed like it stopped on every floor. I walk out and I do not see Kidman. I sit down on one of the comfortable chairs and wait. Just as I was about get up, I see a purplish fuchsia colored ’88 Oldsmobile Cutlass with deep dish rims pull up front. Out steps fine ass Kidman Blake. He is wearing a pair of khakis, a blue long sleeve Polo with the front open to show off his white polo T-shirt and brown Polo belt. His shoes are brown leather Polo as well. He walks in and greets me with a smile and apologizes for his tardiness. By now it is 8:13 p.m. He takes me by the hand and spins me around while he admires all my assets. He told me that I was stunningly beautiful and kissed me on my forehead. I thanked him as he held my hand and walked me to the passenger side of the car. I got in and it smelled of incense and hemp. I was just getting a little nervous when he touched my hand and reassured me that I was safe and he was not going harm me.

We end up at a local restaurant on the strip. He ordered a dozen raw oysters on the half shell as an appetizer, a Long Island Tea for me, and Heineken for himself. I again showed my fake ID and we ate and got to know one another. By the time my main course of lobster tails, stuffed scallops and pasta arrived I felt like I had know him all my life. The laughter we shared was daunting being that we just met. He ordered another round of Long Island for me and a Coke with lime and cherries. As we were wrapping up our meal, he asked if I wanted to go to one of the clubs. I told him I would rather do something else. So we walked up the beach. He held my sandals for me as we walked hand in hand. The sand felt nice and cool between my toes and the wind began to chill  my back. Kidman took off his shirt and placed it around my shoulders. The scent of his cologne did an intoxicating dance around my nostrils. I inhaled it all in. We turned around and headed back in the direction of the restaurant. Arriving at his car, he asked me where else I would like to go. Keep in mind that by now the Long Islands had run its course and I was very horny. I asked if he would mind if we sat at his place and “talked” some more. He immediately gave me the look that he understood me completely. We drove by one of the pop-up gas stations on the beach strip. He went inside and came back with a small bag. I knew what that meant, and I was ready and willing. Ms. Kitty was beginning to purr.

We pulled up in front of the condos he was staying in for the weekend and he opened the door for me and I walked in. He once again held my hand as we waited in the elevator. There was silence, but it was not awkward. We stop at the 8th floor and walk up to his door. Little did I know that this night would be the turning point in my life. The decor is a nautical theme. There are anchors and ships and pictures of the ocean on the walls.  His bedroom was nice and neat. Not one article of clothing on the floor or nothing. Kidman places the bag on the night stand and opens the sliding door to the patio deck. He touches my shoulder and asks if I am okay. I nod yes. He goes into the bathroom and I stand on the balcony looking over the ocean. The moon is shining down and the reflection looks like tiny diamonds in the water. The waves hit the shore with a roaring splash every 15 seconds or so. The view is amazing.

I hear the click of the bathroom door as Kidman came out and walked towards me. Standing on the balcony we embrace and kiss. Our tongues dance with one another as we begin to do a slow dance to the motion of the ocean. The waves hit and I can feel the moisture collecting in my black thongs. Before long we are backed into the corner, still outside. My dress is lifted, and he tugs at my thong…it’s stuck to my skin because I am so wet. He gets them down around my feet and I step out of them. His 6-foot 5-inch body is kneeling before me as he kisses me from my ankles up to…well you know. I gripped his head as I could feel his breath on the side of my thigh. He lifts my left leg over his shoulder and licks the tip of my clit ever so gently. I arched my back in ecstasy and stupidly bang my head on the brick wall and ruins the mood…so I thought. He says nothing but looks me lovingly in my eyes as he lifts me up and carries me inside. Leaving the sliding door open we stand there and kiss ever so passionately. He reaches around and unties my dress. There I stand before him butt ass naked. My nipples on my 34 D’s are harder than a metamorphic rock. He tells me that I am so beautiful as he grips both breast in his hands and sucks one then slowly moves to the other one…then back to the other one…the left one is lonely, so he pinches it between his index finger and his thumb while he licks and sucks the right one. His hand looks like an okay sign as his other three fingers do nothing while the first two pinches. I rub his head like a crystal ball as I scream out while I came. I have never come from having my breast sucked before. I am soaking wet as my juices run down my inner thigh.

Picking me up one more time, he carries me to his room. I lie in wait while he pulls of his shirt and drops his pants. It looks like he is wearing a flag because his dick is at full salute. Grasping the rim of his Polo briefs he pulls them out far enough to go beyond the dick and it bobs up and down as if to wave at me. They drop to the floor. I can smell his cologne as he comes near me and we kiss once more. His dick is so big and pretty, I can’t wait to see it glisten from my juices. He hands me the Magnum and I ease it on him. He’s going to need this raincoat to protect him from all this wetness. Lying me back on the bed my legs are pushed way behind my ears as he eats me like it’s his last supper. I am in a whirlwind right now…my nipples are squeezed as he licks and sucks every drop of cum that drips down like a leaky faucet. He comes up for air and pushes my legs into his chest as he thrust his huge dick inside me. I feel like I am going to break in two. It’s so massive, and it hurts, yet it feels so good. The tempo is slow and steady as he whispers that he won’t ever hurt me. This is something I have never felt before in my life thus far. Just as I am about to climax, he pulls out and turns me over. As he fucks me from behind, I touch my clit in order to enhance what is already the best sex ever. My clit feels like a huge piece of Bubble Yum it is so swollen from all this penetration and stimulation. Kidman has a steelo that is not the usual in and out…no it’s round and round and twirl and swirl…then in and out…slow…fast…faster…hard…harder…slow…slower…hard…harder…he pulls out…flips me over…I’m on top…ease on the dick…not too fast…it’s too big. I can’t ride it…yes…I…can…ooh…ooh…easy…yes…slow…easy…slow…creaming…yes…ooh…yes…lower… creaming…deeper…inside…ooh…faster…yes…ride…it…I…am…a…big…girl…loving…all…this.dick…ooh…yes…creaming…turning…dick…still…inside…on…my…back..legs…stretched… wide…open…in…out…all…around…faster…faster…gripping…kissing…loving…he…is kissing me…faster..slow…slower…faster…ooh…yes…faster…yes….yes…bed posts rocks…exploding with passion and lust…my soul connecting to his as he lies on top of me breathing heavily.

He dismounts and kisses me. We walk together to the shower and bathe one another. I ask him to take me to my hotel. He begs me to stay…I must go…he understands. I get to my hotel and I kiss him goodbye. I know we will never see each other again. I go to my room and the girls are still out. Wow, I have never been made love to, fucked and screwed all in the same mating. Ms. Kitty is sore. I will need to run a bath and soak on the real tip. I cannot stop thinking of him. Kidman Blake is a champion stallion for real. I am no virgin, but I have never been with a man like him. I run a bath and sit for a while. A tear runs down my face as I know I will never meet someone like him again. He is funny, charming, handsome, and the dick…oh me, oh my…I loved that dick. He has a murder weapon in his pants and it just committed a major felony. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted…

I can’t believe that I remember every vivid detail of that encounter with Kidman all those years ago. I have laid in my bed and gotten all hot and bothered. Crap! It’s way past 4 am. It was nice to think of Kidman again though. He and his cute little notes. Kidman always used to leave me little notes. The phone number on the napkin was the first one. “Call me for a wonderful time”. Boy, he needs to stop…

Wonderful time…Kidman always uses that term. I jump out of bed and investigate the jewelry box with the “Kidman Gifts” in it. It’s a silver-plated box with pink petal roses and it was a gift he gave me on my 20th birthday. I pay close attention to the little masks on the charm bracelets. We bought several masks while in New Orleans one time and it is all coming together, now. “Well, I’ll just be damned to hell”, I whisper to myself as I sit on the vanity staring at he bracelets. The man in the picture with Satin is none other than Kidman Edward Blake. I remember that damn mask he is wearing in the photo with Satin. I was with this two-bit liar when he bought the fucking thing! My children’s father! Wow! Those motherfuckers have been fucking each other behind my back! How long has this shit been going on?! Now, the real question is…what am I going to do about it?

That’s it for now…tune in to the next segment of Entangled Webs. Thanks for kicking it with me. Please go to my first segment, Welcome Mat, and the segments after that one if you are new to the story!

Good night!


Marble Clock

***If this is your first time entering Entangled Webs, please start from the beginning entitled “Welcome Mat”. This is not your traditional blog…you are on a journey that will take you on several detours along the way***

Hello avid readers! As always, I want to thank you for your loyalty and comments. I appreciate you all so much! OK…buckle up and hold on tight…the ride continues…

I guess it is time to get out of this bath. I have run hot water in here twice and the bubbles are almost non-existent. I step out of the tub and reach for a towel. Wow, it’s so quiet in here. All I hear is the ticking of the marble clock on my bathroom counter. Tic…Toc…Tic…Toc…Tic…Toc…I toweled my damp body dry and sat my naked behind on my vanity to lotion my skin. I continued to listen to the nothing but sounds of darkness as I slid into my bedroom attire; which is nothing but a black silk tank and a pair of black panties. I walk down the dimly lit hall past the kitchen into the laundry room and hung my damp panties and towel on the clothes rack to dry. I ensured my safety by double checking the locks and security screens before getting ready to head upstairs for bed. I saw the reflections of the flickering candles as they danced on the walls of the hall. I went back and blew out the candles in the bathroom. There it was again…the ticking of the clock. Oddly enough, this clock was the last gift that was given to me by Kidman. It was a Mother’s Day gift he gave me along with flowers and two charm bracelets. Each bracelet had charms that symbolized all of the places we had been together. A little mask for New Orleans, a lei for Hawaii, a horse for the Kentucky Derby, and so on and so forth. One was silver and one was gold. I remember he told me he had gotten them from a boutique in New Orleans. The irony of him giving me a clock and “memory lane” charm bracelets and I end of breaking up with him the next week. Oh well, shit happens and it always stinks when it does.

Finally, I am ready to settle for bed. It is well past three in the morning. I would turn on the television, but then I will never fall asleep. I open my blinds a little and let the moonlight in. Climbing under the covers and resting my head on my down feathered pillows is a well deserved treat at this moment. I am exhausted from the thrills of sex and the lows of loneliness. What a combination. I just realized that I have not bothered to wrap and tie my hair up. Who cares, honestly? So here I lay staring at the ceiling as the moon shines just across the top of my forehead. I turn to my left side and close my eyes. I am not asleep, though. I am thinking of Kidman. It’s been at least two years since we last spoke. The breakup was mutual but I was still saddened by it. I remember when we first met. A smile comes across my face as I picture our first encounter…

There I was at Club Atlantis in Florida in the spring of 1993. It was spring break and I was slap dab in the middle of a wild night of partying…music, booze, and nothing to lose. Satin, myself, and another friend of mine were all at the bar engaging in underage drinking (shh…don’t tell anyone that we were 19 but we had fake ID’s).  I was on my third round of Long Island Tea when I smelled this distinctive scent of Cool Water cologne. I turn on my bar stool and looking down at me was this tall, handsome, brown sugar. He had the prettiest white teeth and his deep brown eyes peered through me to the depths of my soul. He said to me, “Don’t drink too much shawty. I want you to remember this night when it’s over.” I told him that my name was not “shawty” and that I was a grown woman who could handle her own. He laughed and said that he bet I could. I laughed as well and noticed how his eyes had a slight twinkle as he continued to smile at me. He asked me if I wanted to dance and I gave my drink to my friend Hazel as she and Satin waited at the bar.

We danced for several songs to the likes of “The 69 Boys, 95 South, Quad City DJ’s” and before long my hair was matted to my face from sweating so hard. I was dipping, dropping it low, booty shaking and he was keeping right in tempo with me. Wow, this guy had moves. I could feel his manhood on my ass and it was turning me on big time. I guess these Daisy Dukes I am wearing is too much for him to deny. I turned to him and yelled over the music, “What’s your name?”  He said something like Kid or some shit and I laughed because I was looking around for Play. He has to be “kidding”, right? We walked back toward the bar and I noticed then that Satin and Hazel were on the floor holding hands while in a split as they pumped to the music. A crowd of guys came around them to join in on their mischievous dance.

I sit down at the bar and he orders two Cokes, one with fresh cherries and lime. Then he asks my name and where I was from. I told him that I was from Alabama and that my name was Sable Hayes. He told me that I had the prettiest eyes he had ever seen. I blushed as he pushed my wet hair away from my eyes so he could see them better. He handed me my coke garnished with fresh fruit and asked if I needed a ride to my hotel. I told him that my friends and I walked across the boardwalk and we didn’t need a ride. He offered to walk with us. I thought it was odd that he was not with friends, but he explained that they had already left. He wrote his name and number on a bar napkin and told me to call him if I wanted to hook up the next night. I finished my Coke and gathered my friends and he walked us safely across the boardwalk to our hotel. He kissed me gently on my forehead and whispered “call me” in my ear as he walked away. Damn he is fine. I ran over to my girls in the lobby and we giggled as we waited on the elevator. It’s a whole different ride on an elevator when you are drunk.  The spinning of my head made me feel like I was spiraling into a dimension of the Twilight Zone. Thankfully it came to a stop on the 11th floor. We get to our room and pass out any place we could find. I didn’t even get his real name…

Thanks again guys and gals! More on Kidman in the next installment of Entangled Webs. See you then! Remember, if this is your first time here, go back to the beginning at “Welcome Mat”.

Pink Armoire

Good Evening:

I hope everyone had a grateful Thanksgiving, whether it was spent with friends and family, or just home alone watching your favorite movie; we must be appreciative for being here and constantly strive to reach our goals. With that being said, I give thanks for having you with me here this evening. Thank you all so much.

Now, the story continues…

I find myself awakened from a deep sleep by nothing other than my conscience. I know that what I am doing in my life is wrong on so many levels, starting with the moral compass if nothing else. For goodness sake, this beautiful young woman lying beside me is my cousin. But as I look at her, sleeping so peacefully, I cannot deny the fact that I love her. She makes me feel like I mean something to her. She beams like a beacon in the night fog when she sees me. I can talk to her about any and everything without a sliver of judgment from her. I know that she loves me unconditionally and basically worships the ground I walk on. Not only am I in a secret relationship with my cousin, I have done a few other unscrupulous acts that I will delve into at a later time. These acts are another reason I am awake. Since I can’t sleep, I guess it’s best if I just get up and leave. I do need to get home for I have another long day ahead. I leave her a note on top of her pink armoire.

“My dear lover, I am going home to get some rest. I have to get ready for the presentation this week as you already know. I want to tell you that I am so in love with you and I am taking you to Houston with me. I will call you later with the details. Again, I love you…sweet dreams.”

I look in her armoire drawer for a fresh pair of panties to wear home and something stands out in the corner of my eye. I am not one to be called George, but I am curious about what she could be hiding in her underwear drawer. Looking back at her slumbering face, she has not stirred at all. I move her unmentionables to the side and notice a photo of her and this tall, handsome mocha. He has his arm around her shoulder and she has her arm around his waist. They both have huge Kool-aid smiles on their faces. They are obviously at a masquerade ball and the masks they are wearing are stunning. There is an inscription on the back…“Thanks for a wonderful evening.”

I felt a little bad for intruding so I place the photo back in the same position I found it and spread her panties back over the drawer haphazardly like she keeps them. Wow, I was just clutching her head between my thighs earlier and she could be actually “cheating” on me? What in the hell? I don’t recall her going to any masquerade ball. I see she does not tell me everything after all. Hmm…

I give her a soft peck on the lips before sliding on the panties and then my skirt. After getting somewhat dressed, I lock her door and head down her winding driveway in route home. The ride was very eventful. I could not help but wonder about who this man was and why I have never heard anything about him. What was this “wonderful” evening he spoke of?  Was it just a night of dinner and dancing? Did they make wild monkey love after the party? I made it to my community and pushed in my code #9669 and slowly crept up the hill to my humble abode. It is well past two in the morning and I am wide awake. I figure a nice cup of tea and a warm bubble bath will help me settle down. I warmed my cinnamon tea while the bath with the scent of A Thousand Wishes ran slowly awaiting my entrance. Before long I am settled into my bubbles and my mind begins to race instead of idle.

I keep thinking of the good-looking man in that photo and how in the hell Satin met him. I can always dream of meeting a man like that. Don’t get me wrong, I am around wealthy men all of the time and most of them are pretty damn fine. I have been freaked from behind by some of them and didn’t mind it at all at the time. Yet, now I yearn for the love and warmth from a man. Satin is lovely, yes she is…but I want a family. I want a man who I can be in public with to call my own. Not someone to just line my bank account after a secret rendezvous. My children’s father is wealthy and his parents send me money for them weekly and they are on a trip with them as we speak. His name is Kidman Edward Blake. He and I were a couple of one night stands that turned into a makeshift relationship. We were not truly ready for a relationship because we both led very busy lives and he just could not keep his pistol in his holster. I absolutely was not going to put up with his constant lies and deceit.  To be honest, I have not laid eyes on him in almost two years due to the break up when I was 22. His mom said that he was out of the country on business. Whatever!

Anyway, I will just tell Satin I found the photo and ask her all about fine mocha. Perhaps, she is still in touch with him. I am kind of hurt that she is getting dicked down behind my back and is not sharing, but maybe he has a friend I could go on a date with. I can’t be too mad with the girl…I have been distant lately. She has to know that this can not go on forever, though. We will always be cousins, no matter what. I just need more and I want a specimen like the one in the photo in her top drawer. Now, that I truly think about it, the man behind the mask looks kind of familiar. His smile, his height, his stance in the photo, all seems recognizable to me for some reason.  I’ll just sit here and soak a little longer and let all this tea sink in…

Thanks for joining me! I’ll be back real soon…maybe even tonight ;o)

Satin Sheets

***Please be advised that this content may not be suitable for children, please use caution if reading in the presence of  minors***

Good Afternoon. It is great to see you again. As always, I am glad you are here. Let me get a sip of my tea and we will pick up where we left off. Okay, here we go. 

It is the summer of 1999 and it is a beautiful day to be lying out on a beach instead of being cooped up here in my office. At least I have a wonderful view of the skyline where I find myself on several occasions just looking out over the horizon.  This is one of those times. I just needed a quick break from the hustle and bustle. As you know I am the Advertising Liaison for Liberty’s which is an upscale department store that specializes in everything from fine jewelry to babies’ booties. Liberty’s is expanding to yet another location, this time in Houston, Texas. All the execs are coming down in a couple of days and I must have a completed strategic plan ready for presentation when they arrive. I know they are going to want to visit our locations here, so I need make a few stops to make sure that the Sales Managers have everything that they need. 

I am jolted from my thoughts by the ringing phone on my mahogany desk. I am pleased to hear a sweet sultry voice on the other end inviting me to lunch. I ponder the offer and ultimately turn down the invitation because I just have too much work to do. However, I end up compromising and I decide to make it a dinner date. The caller is pleased with this counter offer and tells me to bring over the drinks and a meal would be prepared for me when I arrive.

Okay, now that was Satin. Not only is she my very best friend, she is my first cousin. We have been hanging out for as long as I can remember. Her full name is Satin Emerald Woods. Yes, we have similar names; however, she hates the middle name. Her mother and my mother were best friends growing up and were pregnant at the same time. She was born in August as I was born in December. She is a mere four months older than I. Moving on, we tend to do a lot together and she has been pestering me about getting together because it has been over three weeks. Now this may seem a little demanding coming from a cousin, but I am very special to her and she loves being around me. Everything that I am involved in, I try my best to include her. We travel, shop, wine and dine, and party. Yes, we get our party on. I work hard, and I play so much harder.

Satin and I are the same height, she has long curly hair (that she cuts off and dyes every chance she gets) and our body builds are similar. One major difference is that she does not have green eyes like me. Her eyes are tea color–brown and this is another reason why she hates the name. I always tease her that her skin is smooth like satin sheets and the comment surely makes her smile. Another major difference is our small flaws–I have a small scar on the left side of my face and she has a burn on her left foot. These minor imperfections were afforded to us when we were both children, but at different ages. 

I shall continue…I finish up at the office and make a few stops, including the liquor store before I make my way to Satin’s house. I pull up to her gated community and push in the code #6996 and make my way up the winding driveway. As soon as I pulled up behind her black Range Rover, I see her front door fling open. She has the hugest smile on her beautiful face as I walk up. I am greeted with a hug and a sweet kiss on the lips. She smelled like my favorite fragrance from Liberty’s as she must have just freshly showered. The house had a nice ambiance of scented vanilla candles and soft croons of Maxwell played in the background. Wow, she is going all out. I cannot say that I am mad at her because I could use a relaxing atmosphere right now. She has a nice meal of steamed fish, rice pilaf and vegetables. We eat and drink rum on the rocks. That’s right, no wine for us. We sit by the fireplace and talk about work and I explain to her about the upcoming expansion to Houston. She is saddened because I did not invite her…yet. She tells me how much she misses me and before long we are engaged in a deep, long, passionate kiss. I could taste the essence of rum as our tongues intertwine. I can feel the heat rising in my honeypot. Without saying a word, she leads me to the shower where more candles are burning. We both undress and step inside the sheer glass door. She begins to lick me from the nape of my neck down to the small of my back as I run the water for us. I turn to face her as the water cascades over our bodies. Before long we are making love to one another. I have missed her tender kisses. She makes me feel so wonderful inside and out…mostly inside. We end up drying off and finishing up in her bedroom. I love the way the blue satin sheets feel on my skin as she pulls me down close to her so that she can continue to eat her delectable dessert. I want to return the favor, Satin begs me not to. She said this was all for me. The night went on….


Thanks for joining me! I will be going out of town for the holidays starting tomorrow. Please don’t forget about me. I will be back to continue where we left off on Friday. There is so much more in store. We have only just begun.

Please be safe and grateful this Thanksgiving!


Welcome Mat

***Please note that everything that will be written in this blog is purely fictional and is made up from the inner workings of my distorted mind. Any names of persons, places, pets, things, etc. that may seem familiar are purely coincidental. There are not any intentions, whatsoever, to defame or morally destroy anyone’s character.***

This is for entertainment purposes only. 

Welcome to my mind. I am glad that you stopped by. Shall we begin…

Good morning to anyone out there that may be listening. I have found myself in a dire situation that has been actually looming over my head for a long time now. I have been in love with everyone in my life except myself. Now, keep in mind now, I have not always been this way. I used to love myself and everything it meant to be “me”. There was a point when I was at the height of success, which included the fine home, nice car, well paid job, etc. Some people may not view those articles of material items as a symbol of success, but at the time, I sure did. Even though I had all of those things, I was lonely. I had no one to call my own. Well, not someone that I could be seen with in public that is…I will tell you all about it in due time. 

First off, let me formally introduce myself. My name is Sable Emerald Hayes. My close friends and family call me “Sab”. I will describe to you my former self and eventually along the way, you will find out how I became the person I am now. 

Picture this:

Sable Emerald Hayes is 24 years old and holds the whole world in her hands. She is 5’5 with long flowing black her with green eyes that shine as bright as her name sake’s stone. She is a beautiful black sistah…hell many have described her a Nubian Goddess. She not only is intoxicating to one’s eyes, she has brains to match. Sable is the Advertising Liaison at a reputable department store and she is finishing her last year of college majoring in Marketing with a minor in Accounting. It has taken her a tad bit longer than she expected because she is the single mother of two handsome young boys. Everything she does is to make a better life for her children. You see, Sable grew up in the projects and lived off government assistance. Even though she has never forgotten where she came from, she most definitely stays focused on where she is going. She has done well thus far. She is buying her home and has already paid for the Mercedes S class that she drives around town in. Now, one may think that Sable has it all; however, she is lonely. She longs for true love…a man to call her own. She needs a man that will not be intimidated by her confident qualities but help build her up and collaborate with her on the journey to ultimate success.

Now that you have a little insight on who I was, we can truly get started on this expedition. I am going to pick up from where my life was at 24. We are going to take several twists and turns during these travels that will land me slap in the middle of this huge entangled web of secrets, disloyalty and hate. 


Stay tuned to for the next segment that should be posted later this evening. All comments are welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you soon!